At The Cruising Dead, activities ain't just activities, they're HAPPENINGS!

Throw on your best and bloodiest apocalyptized finery for the Indy's formal night, when we intro the ship's other passengers to their new & most interesting shipmates.

Don't forget to pack your PJ's for an evening of pure fun with your closest undead friends! Please keep it on the "less than racy side", lest the ship ask you to return to your cabin to change! Cover the bits your Granny wouldn't want to see!

Show our first-time apocalyptic Cruisers some love! Introduce yourself so you can is hi later. After the cruise, upload selfies to our Facebook group and Instagram page. Be sure to tag your new friends. Poster who uploads A LOT of cool pics with #selfiewithanewbies, wins a prize.  

Grab a cocktail (or 2) & join us as we pay homage to those who have cruised before us. We'll raise a glass to each of those who have lost their lives on the Independence of the Seas, while hearing sad and sometimes creepy tales of how they lost their lives on our very ship.

Still want more after Night of the Living Cruisers? If there were Camp Counselors in the apocalypse, this twist session is what they'd be teaching! Make yourself a simple banner to hang in your cabin! We'll provide paints, brushes, "dirt" and "blood". Boozy or sober, you may even learn a technique or two!

A fun activity that passengers take part in on just about all cruise lines is "Cruising Ducks". Pick up some rubber duckies and decorate them if you'd like. Attach your name/instructions for passengers who find your hidden treasures.

Signup & get info at

A traditional cruise activity of trading "swaps" is on tap with our dystopian twist! Create or purchase trinkets like magnets, keychains or really get jiggy with it! We'll let you know the amount needed after signups. 

Sign up by emailing

Most mornings there will be a coffee meet up at the Cafe Promenade for those who get up and shower early, even on vacay!

Dates and times will be announced.

How much do you THINK you know about the Walking Dead? This fab happening features snacks, pause n’ play bonus rounds & more! The questions get easier as the game goes on... but the beers been flowin’ so it gets harder and harder to answer! May the best team win!

First-time apocalyptic Cruisers come to this get-together to meet other neophytes and to meet up with their very first #TWDCruiseFamily friends! Are you cruising with a newbie? Join them at the meet up!

Five-time apocalyptic Cruisers (former Quad-Squad) come to this get-together to visit with old friends and have margaritas at Boleros Lounge.

Does your group wanna have a meet up? Let us know & we will put the info on the website for your peeps to find out!

Not sure what you want to do when you get to the beach? How about a meet up? We'll be in a FREE area with access to food, drinks and facilities. We'll ask for signups a later date.

TWD Adventure Club members will have a meet up at the Windjammer Cafe. All TCD

members are encouraged to attend.

Dates and times will be announced.

Get your creative juices flowing and show us your sweet Cabin Door decorating skills! 


Telephone: 706-846-5313


Hours will vary. 

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The Cruising Dead strongly encourages the purchase of travel insurance. TCD is not a tour operator, but is a group of volunteer fans offering this event for the enjoyment of the TWD fan community. We are not responsible in the event of trip interruption, cancellation or any unhappiness or inconvenience you might experience while traveling.


The Cruising Dead is not affiliated with AMC, The Walking Dead, Skybound, Robert Kirkman, Walker Stalker, Fan Fest or Anyone Else Not Expressly Mentioned.