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The Cruising Dead is, basically, barbed wire, dirt and fear, but with a buffet! 
TCD is offering a wild mix of badassery and a warm con atmosphere that even Hershel would approve of! You won't stay a cruise virgin long in this crowd!
The Cruising Dead team promises you a growling good, Apocalyptic time, but we certainly don't promise that you ain't gonna make a complete ass of yourself!
What happens on the ship stays on Instagram! 
You'll even grab some The Cruising Dead swag at check-in to super impress your friends (not) that you were on our Maiden Voyage.
You'll dig your toes into the powdery sands at our Zombie Beach Party, experience  our wacky "Partyocalypse", take part in "Hostiles & Calamities", fight in "The Dead vs The Living Laser Tag Tourney" (RCCL fees apply), "Give Me Your Shit!", as well as all the ship's insane amenities!  There is way too much fun stuff to mention! 
Come check out all the other weird, wacky and wonderful things that come outta our nutty brains! 
Come experience a one-of-a-kind, laid back, non-commercial, apocalyptic-themed holiday in the Caribbean next spring with The Cruising Dead!
Your cabin may differ. Photos are for representational purposes only. Curtesy of RCCL.
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Telephone: 706-846-5313


Hours will vary. 

As a well-experienced team in the
travel industry creating unique events, in the offering of stellar customer & guest services, you can rest assured that your travel is 100% in the right hands when you trust your vacation to The Cruising Dead!
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The Cruising Dead strongly encourages the purchase of travel insurance. TCD is not a tour operator, but is a group of volunteer fans offering this event for the enjoyment of the TWD fan community. We are not responsible in the event of trip interruption, cancellation or any unhappiness or inconvenience you might experience while traveling.

The Cruising Dead is not affiliated with AMC, The Walking Dead, Skybound, Robert Kirkman, Walker Stalker, Fan Fest or Anyone Else Not Expressly Mentioned.

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